Our Story...



Our story is simple…my name is Debbie Love, and I create in my Virginia studio and in NYC, fun stuff for you to fall in love with, connect with, and want more and happily tell your friends about the cool jewelry.

I don’t create for everybody; I create for that special someone who can relate to these thoughts:

You are brave and resilient; on top of that you are TOTALLY FUN (even though you may not think so)

You are CRAZY about music…not afraid to turn up a great Rolling Stones tune (or whatever rocks your heart) and dance around, eyes closed, lost in the moment, just happy

You love and feel deeply, your family and friends are incredibly important to you

You do all you can to take part or lead the way with adventures

The beach and/or being by a water environment is your TOTAL happy place

You really want to live a healthy lifestyle, don’t mind cooking, know what is healthy and for the most part tries to achieve the “healthy balance” however slipping into a great bowl of chips and salsa, outrageous pizza with a great cocktail rocks your soul.

You have your style preferences that can range from classic Chanel tweeds to totally destructed jeans and kick ass boots, and even periods of total boho concert mode…you might even remember and dream Woodstock.

Your work and purpose in life are important to you, and it may take some time to totally feel that you are where you want to be with all of that, however you never give up.

Jewelry is important …it is a form of self expression for you, a touch of interest to acknowledge, sometimes a bold statement, other times an elegant nod. Classic chic to rock and roll star, drawn to what speaks to you at that moment, quality matching price point, comfortable, just plain different.

There’s A LOT more to you…. lots more.

If any of all of this resonates with you, you are in the right place, and we are stoked that you are here!

Please come and be a part of our tribe.. be a Love Soul Style “BFF”


 Our brand loves and believes in...
GIVING...with an open heart in a personal way
CELEBRATION...of who we are
LEARNING AND TRYING...to explore, grow, and flourish
CONNECTION...love the sisterhood
POSITIVE ENERGY...brings about great joy