New York State of Mind

YES, I have a love affair with NYC, from when I was a little girl…

NYC has always been a place of creativity and excitement as I traveled there from the age of 5 to about 12 to learn how to play classical piano. I was a student of a lifelong concert pianist who lived around the corner from Carnegie Hall. Every two weeks, I was driven to my lesson (2 hour trip each way) and the lesson typically began with a quick walk to Carnegie Hall music shop to select the pieces that I would learn to play. I remember always being in awe of the creatives fascinated and in love with music. Then back to her apartment, she played those pieces, and I remember thinking, how was I going to play that??? Then off for some clothes shopping, my FAVORITE, of course

My father, a professional musician, would hover over my daily practice sessions. I was required to practice 2-3 hours each day when I came home from school. It was pure TORTURE, as I just wanted to play with my friends. He somehow sensed that I needed to cultivate and exercise my creative side and appreciate the many lessons and freedom music and creativity provide.

 Recently, I returned to NYC to join local boutique owners for the fall buying market. I was in a creative slump, and was working on ways to escalate my business. On that visit, in meeting with local jewelry designers, I was referred to “J”.

“J” and her family own a company in NYC and are the “makers” for many famous and emerging designers in the US. “Designs in my head” were briefly discussed to see if she would be willing to take me on, as a client. To say I was excited about the possibilities was an understatement.

Truthfully, scared, with a zillion diagrams, packages of stone, and a materials wish list, three weeks later I hopped on to a 6am bus to NYC to meet with “J” to finalize designs. Spending the day with a visit to a chain shop, 4 hours at the design table, meeting the kind hardworking family making at the table where we designed…. munching on some Chinese food, and learning so MUCH.

My heart was racing the whole time like when I was a child at my music lesson and I finally learned how to play that incredible music piece that I thought wasn’t possible. Two weeks later, the box of finished designs arrived…and now ready for release, The Metropolitan Collection: an impossibly cool collection of timeless indulgent jewels with enduring neutral driven appeal

 A few lessons learned and maybe they can help you in some way…

 When someone offers a suggestion or referral to you and you are feeling unsure, or tired, or motivated, but just want to wait till a “better time”  


I know, easier said than done but when I met “J” the first time, I basically was living on fumes from lack of sleep, was totally out of my comfort zone, walking with my IPhone in hand following directions to a place I had no idea where it was, however I never felt it impossible as my intuition was driving the bus that day for sure.

 When you are scared to do something you have never done before, feeling like you just need someone by your side to keep you from making mistakes, or just give you that extra little boost of confidence or second opinion and you can find NO ONE who is available to do this with you.


Remember that the anticipation of all that can go wrong is TOTAL FEAR taking over. Fear is: FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. While I would have LOVED a buddy, it just wasn’t in the cards and given how my day was spent, I needed to totally rely on my self and be confident. Once back on the bus that day riding home, I was exhilarated, exhausted, but beyond fulfilled with what I had personally achieved. Sometimes you have the go the road alone

 If you don’t know how to do something, don’t feel badly because there is someone else who is an expert that can help you. Tap into their skills so that you can bring your own special light to the world.

  Does anyone feel the same love for the “city that never sleeps” ??

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