Change your January "TUDE"

Who knew January is self-love awareness month?
Why January?
What REALLY is self-love?
Is that the kind of love only people with UBER confidence have?
How do I join in on the celebration?

 Who knew? I didn't have a clue but did a little research and found it to be true

 Why? It was created to help remind us to start off our year with a positive mindset and to set great intentions for ourselves


Is that TRULY possible to love oneself and celebrate our beings on a regular basis?  For some, the answer is a resounding yes, of course, I do

If you are like me, the answer is "I am a work in progress"

Sadly for many, not even in their field of vision

 So for those of you who are a work in progress or maybe this is not even in your field of vision here is what I know..

See if you can relate to my FORMER January kick off for the year….

I typically start with a HARD approach to myself…all things I am NOT and must improve on…such as the following:

 I need to lose weight, after a season of not so good eating, and I look terrible in my clothes and I haven't exercised because I have been too busy. So a totally new fresh start, working out every day, I think the local gym, and start a VERY restrictive cleansing diet immediately

 My work needs work too. I want to work even harder, do even better, and if I work harder I must have better results, make more money. Earn more recognition

 OMG…my hair again…that fine, too frizzy mousy hair that needs help, and the style is too short, so maybe I should grow it out again, I would look more youthful. Maybe find a new hairdresser…I will research Pinterest and build my new hairdo

 The wrinkles and sagging in my face…I am scared silly to do botox or fillers, maybe a new face crème and cleansing regimen will help, or better makeup but I am going to figure this one out because every time I look in the mirror I see OLD.

 My friends…I don't seem to make enough time for them, so I will organize some sort of monthly get together, I will do a better job of calling them on a weekly basis to catch up and be a better friend

 The family is first, so I will be sure to schedule weekly family meals, do a better job of offering time to help out, be a better partner to my spouse.

And on and on and on….

 If this is how you are starting your year, I urge you to reflect..time for a "TUDE CHANGE"

I came to realize that what I was saying to myself was




 As I said, I am still a work in progress and some of these things I still say, on occasion, BUT it is no longer the norm…

 I have shifted to and celebrate this January with:

I am looking great, I am going to reach a better balance so I will work in a gentle fashion to shift to a more clean eating place. I am confident in what works and I am achieving the results I want

 I walk to give myself needed breaks during the day, to listen to my intuition and let new ideas free roll into my head…and just savor the beauty and essence of the seasons

 I have a mentor who is helping me to create a proactive planned approach to my business, giving myself the gift of a shorter workweek with added celebrations for my efforts, big or small

My intentional word for this year is: SUCCESS

 There is true beauty in growing older, I am wiser, I am able to help others and myself in a more meaningful way. I have some awesome lines and expression on my face that speaks to a deeper soul capable of deep emotions that bring me joy

 I love my friends and they love me, and we will always have time to spend together when we can as we have created an awesome village to support one another

 I am in love with my growing family and look forward to times spent together

 Anything is possible and my favorite, so you know, is #everything is figureoutable…#let life flow


Take the time, reframe YOUR January, celebrate your beautiful self and love yourself at THIS moment!



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  • Hey Debbie… if someone CAN write from the heart-that’s you. I absolutely ADORE this attitude. And your mentor ;)


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